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Can you trick your body into needing less sleep?

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Is it possible to trick your body into sleeping less? Short answer - no. Getting a good night's rest is crucial in the long run. But that hasn't stopped people from trying.

College experimentation

A 19-year old college student in the USA tried the 'Uberman' sleep pattern - 20 minute naps every 4 hours. In the first week she experienced nausea, headaches and increased anxiety but after the first month she was functioning on 2 hours sleep per day. Most of us adhere to a monophasic sleep pattern (1 continuous block of sleep) but the biphasic rest of our ancestors (1 continuous block of sleep + 1 nap at midday) has proved beneficial.

Can I sleep less?

In the end, a consistent 7-9 hours of sleep is a biological necessity for healthy, longer life. Changing it puts you at high-risk to a range of diseases and even earlier death. You will always be a better you once you're rested, so go on - have a snooze.


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