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The Truth behind Common Sleeping Conditions

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Whilst some of us struggle to get to sleep quickly, there are some of us who face greater challenges as the sun goes down. We take a look at some sleeping conditions, the cause (or unknown cause) of them.

Sleep Apnoea
Is a condition in which you stop breathing for 10 seconds. This lack of oxygen will either wake you up or settle you into a lighter sleep. As well as a decrease in the quality of your sleep, it also sets your partner on edge as they wait for the next breath.

Sleep Paralysis
The body becomes naturally paralysed during REM sleep. However, what isn’t natural is waking and being fully conscious during this time, not being able to move or speak.

Hypnagogic Jerks
No, not a fancy insult, but rather the twitches that usually come with the sensation of falling. The cause of these jumps are not yet defined.

REM Sleep Disorder
This is when the body does not become fully paralysed during REM sleep, so people act out their dreams. This usually involves scaring the beejezus out of their bed partner as it often happens during nightmares.

Exploding Head Syndrome

This is a sensation of a loud noise, as you go to sleep or wake up. It only effects 1 in 10 and starts at age 50. There is no known cause of this condition, but despite the rather graphic name this is nothing to worry about.


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