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Three Quick Steps to Make Snoozing Easier

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Ideally, it will take you between 10-15 minutes to fall asleep of a night. Unfortunately, a racing mind can keep us awake for hours longer than we'd like. Forget counting sheep and have a look at these 3 ideas to send you off easier.

Technology Vs Melatonin
All our tech devices emit a blue light from the screen which can mess with the production of our sleep hormone, melatonin. We start producing this hormone in the mid to late evening to aid the sleep process - but the use of technology can reduce the amount we produce by 22%. Screen time can also make getting to sleep more difficult and the quality of sleep less because the body has less time to go through its anti-inflammatory sleep processes. The fix? Cut screen time to under two hours before bed.

The power of plants
Sour cherry juice is packed with melatonin and is more easily absorbed than in tablet form. A recent study found those participants taking it for 7 days slept for 34 minutes longer and napped less. Similarly Kava, a South Pacific plant has several relaxing properties and has been used traditionally for centuries to soothe the body.

Control the temperature
Your body cools down overnight thanks to melatonin and a bedroom too hot or too cold will make it harder to get to sleep. For the perfect room, have a gentle breeze and keep the temperature between 18 and 21 degrees. Watch out for extra external noise and light pollution from alarm clocks and the like.


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