How do I choose between Chiroflow® Fibre and Chiroflow® Memory Foam?

How do I choose between Chiroflow® Fibre and Chiroflow® Memory Foam?

Posted by Synaptic Sleep on 22nd Jan 2018

We stock two different types of the Chiroflow® Waterbase® Pillow - Original Fibre and Memory Foam. This way, we offer two choices to ensure you get the support and comfort you need.

What's the difference?Original FibreMemory Foam
Comfort layerFibreMemory Foam
Waterbase included?YesYes
Head temperature regulatorYes - nature of materialYes - cooling gel infused with foam
Type of comfortSofterFirmer
BenefitClassic comfort & supportFirmer & more responsive
Money-back guarantee90 days90 days
Manufacturers' warranty3 years3 years
Who is it for?Cushion-y supportLower profile lovers

Both are Waterbase pillows, they just have different support layers. The Original Fibre pillow has a softer, polyester fill that is incredibly comfortable yet still supportive. This is our best seller - over 4 million people worldwide wake up energised on Chiroflow® Original Fibre.

Memory Foam is a firmer, more responsive pillow. The top layer of foam is infused with a cooling gel to regulate your head temperature. The core memory foam layer then rests on the same waterbase as the bestselling fibre. It is perfect for those who love memory foam, enjoy a lower profile or are looking for extra support throughout the night.

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