​How do I fill it up?

​How do I fill it up?

Posted by Synaptic Sleep on 22nd Jan 2018

The unique Chiroflow® waterbase design provides responsive support to neck and head while continuously adapting to changing sleep positions. The water base design enables total control over the height of the pillow; giving you 100% adjustable support and comfort. 

Filling your Chiroflow® Waterbase® Pillow is easy. Follow the steps below, and play with the water level over the first few weeks - adding more water for a firmer feel, removing some for a softer sleep. Take the time to get it just right for you.

1. Take out your Chiroflow® Waterbase® Pillow and place upright on a hard surface. Unscrew the cap and screw in the blue plug, ready to fill.

2. Use a jug to add in the desired amount of water - start with 3.5L of water.

3. When complete, you need to 'burp' the pillow, to remove all of the air - this is very important as it prevents the sound of water moving as you sleep. Find the water line and push the excess air out of the bladder.

4. Screw the cap in and tighten with the plug.

If you can hear the water when you move lying down, repeat the process to remove the excess air. You can take a look at the instructions included with the pillow if you need an extra guide.