Read about Chiroflow®'s scientific research studies

Read about Chiroflow®'s scientific research studies

Posted by Synaptic Sleep on 22nd Jan 2018

Chiroflow®, unlike most other pillows has been clinically proven to improve the quality of your sleep. A study at Johns Hopkins University found this unique water pillow scientifically proven to help you get to sleep quicker, wake up less during the night and have a better quality of sleep. Another study found Chiroflow® the perfect match for chiropractic - helping patients recover faster and gain better results from their chiropractic care.

Scientific study 1

Chiroflow® was tested alongside other pillows (fibre, foam & feather) and was found to have the best result in each test category (see above). This study at Johns Hopkins University proves proper selection of a pillow can significantly reduce neck pain and improve quality of sleep.

Scientific study 2

“The findings from this study provide evidence that the use of a Chiroflow® waterbase® pillow will result in a reduction of neck pain and disability and improve sleep quality in subjects with chronic neck pain.” This shows how the Chiroflow® Waterbase® Pillow works in brilliantly with regular chiropractic care, each supporting one another.

Scientific study 3

“...the waterbase® pillow was shown in this study to be better than the user’s regular pillow and to be associated with an enhanced quality of sleep. Additionally, most subjects indicated they would continue to use the waterbase® pillow, in place of their regular pillow.”


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